1. How did that letter get to Sunny?
  2. Why doesn’t Sunny miss Jazz?

Chapter 2

  1. What will Sunny’s parents say and do?
  2. How will the school/town react?

Chapter 3

  1. What will the reunion be like?
  2. Will Jazz treat Sunny better than before?

Chapter 4

  1. Who was it?
  2. Will the parents believe it or not?
  1. Who will be the first to confront the new girl?
  2. How does she know so much about the family?

Chapter 6 

  1. How long will she stay?
  2. Will she admit to Sunny that she is a fraud?

Chapter 7 

  1. Will Jazz go away again?
  2. Will Sunny’s mom realize she is an imposter too?

Chapter 8 

  1. What could be, “I’d caught sight of the tail, now I could follow it to the rat”


Chapter 9

  1. Will she get a chance to read the journal?
  2. What will it say?

Chapter 10

  1. When will Sunny confront her?
  2. Will she ever know the truth about her sister?

Chapter 11 

  1. Will Sunny and her parents make amends?
  2. What will happen to Sunny’s mom if she realizes the truth?

Chapter 12

  1. What will Sunny’s dad uncover?
  2. Will “Jazz” trust her with the diary?

Chapter 13 

  1. Who is Karen?
  2. Why is this girl pretending to be her sister?

Chapter 14

  1. So who is this girl really?
  2. Will Sunny’s dad now confront her?

Chapter 15

  1. Will the Chief find out the imposter is staying with Sunny? What will he do?
  2. What will happen next?

Chapter 16 

  1. Why is mom talking in the past tense around “Jazz?”
  2. Will anyone from school come by?

Chapter 17 

  1. Is this journal entry true? What makes you think so/not?
  2. How will it effect Sunny’s decisions?

Chapter 18 

  1. Will she call the police?
  2. How could she be dangerous?

Chapter 19

  1. What happens after the book closes?