Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences, restating the sentence in your answer! Remember, each question is worth two points, one for restating and one for the correct answer

Chapter 1

  1. Read the first four paragraphs and stop. Make a prediction for what is happening.
  2. Was your prediction correct? Why or why not?
  3. What important trait is revealed about Cheyenne at the end of chapter one?

Chapter 2

4. Who is the protagonist of the novel? How do you know?

5. Who is Griffin?

6. Griffin was not planning to steal a car, so why did he?

7. How does Griffin react when he learns Cheyenne is blind?

Chapter 3

8. After Griffin ties Cheyenne’s feet and hands, why does she lie facing him?

9. In this situation, is being blind a blessing or a curse? Why?

Chapter 4

10. In the first paragraph in chapter four, Griffin is deciding what to do with the cigarette lighter. Why is this significant?

11. What is your opinion of Griffin? Does he seem like a bad person to you? Why or why not?

Chapter 5

12. What can you infer happened to Cheyenne’s mom?

13. Who is Danielle and what is her job?

14. List some advantage of being blind.

15. What clues has Cheyenne picked up about her situation?

Chapter 6

16. Describe Roy.

17. What is a chop shop?

Chapter 7

18. What is peripheral vision? Is it clear?

19. What might breaking the glass allow Cheyenne to do?

Chapter 8

20. What is a VIN?

21. A big revelation is made about Cheyenne being the daughter of Nike’s president. What does this do to her situation?

Chapter 9

22. Why do you think cashiers would talk to Cheyenne’s friends and not directly to her?

23. At the end of chapter nine, what is Roy planning to do with Cheyenne?

Chapter 10

24. Why does Roy want a phone that cannot be traced?

Chapter 11

25. Why do you think Cheyenne keeps a tally of favors?

26. Is taking someone’s life justifiable if your own life is in danger? Why or why not?

27. At the end of chapter eleven Cheyenne climbs up on the toilet and puts her hands on the windowsill. Predict what happens next.

Chapter 12

  1. Griffin is constantly concerned about Roy’s reaction to situations. What can you infer about their relationship?
  2. Why would Cheyenne hide in the shower instead of running? What purpose would that serve?
  3. Who all was at the shopping center?

Chapter 13

  1. Which room is Cheyenne being held in?
  2. Why would they want to get a junker car first and then steal the better car?
  3. What is an AMBER alert?

Chapter 14

34. What is a strip and run?

35. What happened to Griffin’s Mom?

Chapter 15

36. How did Cheyenne’s father meet Danielle?

37. How did Cheyenne begin to learn to do things after she became blind?

38. How is a cane used?

Chapter 16

39. Why  did Roy not call for the ransom?

40. What are Roy’s demands?

41. What is Griffin’s unsettling thoughts?

Chapter 17

42. In general, who would Cheyenne prefer to talk to? Why?

43. Describe the accident.

Chapter 18

44. How is Cheyenne’s current health?

45. Who is Jamie Sawyer?

46. What do Cheyenne and Griffin have in common?

Chapter 19

47. What are the two options, in terms of Cheyenne, after Mr. Wilder pays the ransom?

48. Is Cheyenne hopeful she will get out alive? Why?

Chapter 20

49. Were you surprised Roy did not get angry when Griffin mentioned giving his mom’s pills to Cheyenne? Why or why not?

50. How much money can the Wilders afford to pay for the ransom?

51. What is Roy’s plan for handling the ransom?

52. What is Griffin worried about?

Chapter 21

53. How old do you have to be to get a guide dog?

54. Explain how Phantom saved Cheyenne’s life.

55. Describe what is meant by intelligent disobedience.

Chapter 22

  1. Why does Griffin have scars? What happened to him?
  2. Why did Griffin’s mom, Janie, leave the family?
  3. What is Griffin going to do with Cheyenne?
  4. In your opinion, is Griffin a bad guy? Why or why not?

Chapter 23

60. Cheyenne uses the glass to cut her rope. What does she do next?

Chapter 24

61. Cheyenne doesn’t have her cane. What does she decide to use instead?

62. Why do you think Cheyenne is taking Duke with her?

Chapter 25

  1. Why does Duke run off, and what does this mean for Cheyenne?
  2. How does Cheyenne know she is facing east?
  3. How is Cheyenne feeling in the woods?

Chapter 26

  1. Cheyenne realizes someone is coming after her in the woods. Who is it?
  2. Griffin has a big realization. What is it?
  3. Who is Griffin thinking about at this point in the novel?

Chapter 27

  1. Describe what happened to Griffin physically in the woods.
  2. Is Griffin going to be able to continue helping Cheyenne escape?

Chapter 28

  1. Who does Griffin hear bickering in the distance?
  2. Where’s Roy?
  3. What is it that T.J. confesses to Griffin about his mom?
  4. What happened to Jimbo? Why?
  5. How does T.J. leave Griffin?

Chapter 29

  1. Who comes chasing after Cheyenne in the woods?
  2. What was off about the cop?
  3. Make a prediction of what you think is going to happen next.

Chapter 30

  1. Cheyenne reaches between the seats and grabs something. What is it?
  2. When Roy tries to take the gun from Cheyenne, what happens?

Chapter 31

  1. How is Cheyenne planning to get away? How will she accomplish that?
  2. What ultimately happens that saves Cheyenne?
  3. Why would Cheyenne want them to turn their sirens on one at a time?
  4. How did the shard of glass save Cheyenne?

Chapter 32

  1. Where is Griffin now?
  2. How do Danielle and her dad feel about Griffin?
  3. What ended up happening to Duke?
  4. Do you think Cheyenne should let Griffin call her again? Why or why not?
  5. Is Griffin a bad guy? Why or why not?
  6. Did you like the novel? Why or why not?