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April 23-27

Monday: Read Chapter 8 Tuesday: Vocab Ch 5-8 due/Test over 5-8 Wednesday: Get Vocab 9-12, read chapter 9 with A.Q Thursday: Read Chapter 10 Friday: Half Day

RoTHMC Vocabulary Ch 5-9

Vocab 5-8 Due April 24th,

Active Reading Ch. 6

Name: _________________________________________________                     Class: ____________ Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each). Chapter 6 Why is Cassie angry at Big Ma? Why does Stacey tell Cassie she shouldn’t be?   How does Uncle Hammer react to Cassie’s experiences… Continue Reading →


Write a four sentence reflection over what we have read in chapters 1-4. It can be about any aspect of it you want: what you liked, things that upset you, why you think things happened…anything that deals with the first… Continue Reading →

April 16-20

Monday: Read RoTHmC chapter 4 Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Vocab 1-4 due, test over chapter 1-4 Wednesday: Receive ch 5-8 vocab; reach ch. 5 Thursday: Ch: 6 w/ Activity Questions Friday: Chapter 7

Activity Question ch 2-3

Name: _________________________________________________                     Class: ____________ Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each). Chapter 2 Who is Mr. Morrison and why did Papa bring him?   How did John Henry Berry die?   What did Papa demand the children… Continue Reading →

Venn Diagram

Compare and Contrast the black schools to the white schools in the story Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, from what we read in chapter 1. You need at least three things in each section.

Vocabulary 1-4

Vocab 1-4 Due April 16th

April 09-13

Monday: Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Chapter 1. Receive Vocab 1-4 Tuesday: Finish Ch 1 and Venn Diagram Wednesday: Ch: 3 w/ Activity Questions Thursday: Ch: 4 Friday: Finish Chapter 4 and work on Reflection questions

1930s Cultural Context Jigsaw

Students will be assigned one out of the five sections on their paper that they need to research the answers for. After they will be grouped into groups of five to teach their team members their section and learn the… Continue Reading →

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