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May 21-25th

Monday: Biography power point presentations Tuesday: Biography power point presentations Wednesday: Biography power point presentations Thursday: half day fun day Friday: School over

May 14-18

Monday: Research project Tuesday: Research project/finishing touches on book projects Wednesday: Book project presentations Thursday: Book project presentations Friday: Book project presentations

Cite your sources directions

Step 1: Go to Step 2: copy and paste the url to the website you used into the blue box and click on the orange button that says cite it Step 3: you’ll get a page verifying that it… Continue Reading →


Biography-PowerPoint-Project Biography PowerPoint Presentation Objective:  Create a PowerPoint presentation about a person of significance. Decide whose biography you will do research on.  Your person should be someone who has contributed something of importance to society or history and has become… Continue Reading →

Expository Writing

Group Work Part one ›Take a bag of shapes ›Create a picture using the shapes given you. ›You may fold the shapes, you cannot cut them ›Draw and label a diagram of your picture ›Write directions to put your picture… Continue Reading →

May 07-11

Monday: SRI Tuesday: Expository Writing Wednesday: Expository Writing Thursday: Research project Friday: Research Project

Final Book Project

Choose one of the 14 book projects to present to class. You will have three class days to work on it, then a week at home. We will be presenting May 15-18. Book Project options   Create a sculpture of… Continue Reading →

April 30-May 04

Monday: Read Ch 11-12 Tuesday: Vocabulary 9-12 due, Test on 9-12 Wednesday: Book Project Thursday: Book Project Friday: Book Project

Chapter 9 Active Reading Questions

Name: _________________________________________________                    Class: ____________ Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each). Chapter 9 What is the reason Jeremy says he doesn’t like his brothers? What news did Mr. Jamison bring Papa? How do you think the Logans… Continue Reading →

Roll of Thunder Vocab 9-12

Vocab 9-12  due May 01

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