1. Create a Holiday Menu

In the play A Christmas Carol, we read that Bob Cratchit earns 15 shillings a week (in America, today, that would equal 70 dollars a week, or 10 dollars a day).  Although Cratchit made very little, he was still able to provide a Christmas dinner (plum pudding and all!) for his family.

ASSIGNMENT:  Pretend that you are Bob Cratchit today and you have to use your salary to plan a holiday menu for your family (of 7 people).  In your groups, use the shopping advertisements to guide your food budget.  You have TWO WEEK’S pay and must design a menu that you can afford.  Your menu must include:

1)  A list of all foods that you plan on serving to your family (including drinks, desserts, and appetizers)

2)  An estimated cost of each item (using prices from your newspapers/internet)

3)  A creative format (printed or hand designed)

*Each group must submit ONE menu in their final gift box*

Remember, NEATNESS COUNTS and you may only spend two weeks’ pay (140 dollars)!!