Q: How do I join your remind class?

A: click on this link

Q: What is your homework policy?

A:  If a student does not turn in their assignment on the due day, they will have one week to turn it in late.  The late assignment will get 10% off automatically.  If they have not turned in their assignment by then, they will no longer be able to do so.  Once a student has turned in four last assignments in a quarter, they will no longer be allowed to turn in a late assignment until the new quarter.  (Exceptions may be made on occasion if discussed with the teacher)

Q: Can I have a copy of your Syllabus?

A: Syllabus

Q: How do I get an online copy of the text book?

A: McDougal Account Activation Codes

Q: What is the Kansas School Safety Hotline?

A: The Kansas School Safety Hotline (1-877-626-8203) is for use by students, parents, and community members in anonymously reporting any impending school violence.