• Hook: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras
  • Filler: Dogs are seen everywhere. It seems like many families have chosen dogs as their companions in life.
  • Thesis statement: Even though some people consider dogs to be too much work, they make the best pets because they can provide many useful services and they teach their owner about being responsible.

Body paragraph one

  • Topic Sentence: Indeed, dogs do provide many useful services.
  • Support and examples: Some types of services dogs provide people are….examples. This is important because these show that there are many excellent reasons to want a dog as a pet.  Few other animals are capable of showing the multitude of abilities that these grand canines show.
  • Transition sentence: Not only can dogs be extremely helpful, but they also serve another purpose.

Body Two: Same thing

Topic Sentence: Dogs also are known to teach their owners a lot about responsibility.

Support: Many people first get dogs because of this fact.  Dogs require a lot of care. They need to be….. If these things don’t happen the dog will be neglected and unhappy.

Transition: They are a lot of work, and anyone who commits themselves to owning a dog, will learn many important lessons.


Restate main statement: Dogs are clearly the superior choice for an animal companion.

G.S: Looking at the variety of different tasks dogs are capable of, it is clear that they are very useful. In addition, their role of teaching responsibility can be invaluable.

Ending statement: Dogs, as we have discussed, are a wonderful addition to any family.  Families who chose to have a dog as a pet, are generally very happy with their decision.