Comic Strip Book Report


For this project, you’ll create a comic strip based on a fiction book you have done a book talk on. Your comic strip should include illustrations as well as text. Look at comic strips from magazines or newspapers for ideas..



sheets of white computer paper, thin markers, colored pencils, ruler



  1. Pick a fiction book that you have done a book talk on, choose an important or exciting

part of the book that you would like to retell in your comic strip. Find a part that will allow you to include action and dialogue. Write a two-paragraph summary of this part of your book.


  1. Refer to your summary as you sketch your comic strip. Decide what you will include in each panel. Your comic strip should include eight panels in all. If you have difficulty drawing the characters, you may draw stick figures. Make sure to give them some identifiable characteristics so that the reader can tell them apart. Also make sure that the sequence of events is clear and easy to follow. This draft will be turned in with your

final project.


  1. After you have finished your draft, position a sheet of white paper horizontally and draw eight boxes of equal size. (You might need to make some larger and some smaller, depending on what you will include in each.) Draw and write in pencil first, then trace over with pen or thin marker. Keep the illustrations and text as neat as possible. Then, color your comic strip.


  1. Give your comic strip a title. Write your name, the book, and the author’s name on your project.