In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol, which depicts the life of Scrooge, a miserly old man who is selfish and greedy with his money. In the beginning of the play, Scrooge is visited by his old business partner, Jacob Marley, who has been dead for 7 years. Marley warns Scrooge that he will be visited by 3 ghosts: The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Future. Throughout the play, each ghost makes Scrooge aware of the mistakes that he has made and will make in his life. In the end, Scrooge decides to change his dreadful ways and become a kind and generous man. It is now your chance to become directly involved in Dickens’ classic tale!

Now that our class has completed reading A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, you are going to embark on a journey to ensure that Scrooge does not revert back to his miserly ways. In order to ensure this, you will work both individually and together as a team. Many of the tasks will be completed online, but some involve other skills.  Follow these steps and you will help keep Scrooge from ever becoming a misanthrope again!

You will be doing each of the following things below, both together in your group and individually, and placing them in your present.

A: Please gather all of the answer sheets from the Scavenger Hunt and staple them together. Each individual sheet should have the name of one group member on top. Place these in the box  Questions and the website links can be found here. Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt Questions

B: Place your group’s Holiday Menu in the box.

C: Please gather all of the Apology Letter’s from Scrooge and either staple them together or festively tie them together with ribbon.  Each individual letter should have the name of one group member on top.  Place these in the box.

D.  DECORATE THE BOX!  Please make your box original and visually appealing.  Each group only submits ONE final project gift box that contains all of your project elements.  The box can be wrapped, but the lid needs to be able to come off, so you may want to wrap the bottom and top of the box separately.  You can use wrapping paper, ribbon, stickers, WHATEVER to make your box stand out!

Remember to work with your group to make sure that you and your group members have all necessary components done to turn in on December 20th.