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Weekly Summary

What will we do this week?

May 21-25th

Monday: Biography power point presentations Tuesday: Biography power point presentations Wednesday: Biography power point presentations Thursday: half day fun day Friday: School over

May 14-18

Monday: Research project Tuesday: Research project/finishing touches on book projects Wednesday: Book project presentations Thursday: Book project presentations Friday: Book project presentations

May 07-11

Monday: SRI Tuesday: Expository Writing Wednesday: Expository Writing Thursday: Research project Friday: Research Project

April 30-May 04

Monday: Read Ch 11-12 Tuesday: Vocabulary 9-12 due, Test on 9-12 Wednesday: Book Project Thursday: Book Project Friday: Book Project

April 23-27

Monday: Read Chapter 8 Tuesday: Vocab Ch 5-8 due/Test over 5-8 Wednesday: Get Vocab 9-12, read chapter 9 with A.Q Thursday: Read Chapter 10 Friday: Half Day

April 16-20

Monday: Read RoTHmC chapter 4 Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Vocab 1-4 due, test over chapter 1-4 Wednesday: Receive ch 5-8 vocab; reach ch. 5 Thursday: Ch: 6 w/ Activity Questions Friday: Chapter 7

April 09-13

Monday: Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Chapter 1. Receive Vocab 1-4 Tuesday: Finish Ch 1 and Venn Diagram Wednesday: Ch: 3 w/ Activity Questions Thursday: Ch: 4 Friday: Finish Chapter 4 and work on Reflection questions

April 02-06

Monday-No School Tuesday- Math State Testing Wednesday- Math State Testing Thursday- 1930s Jigsaw Friday-1930s Jigsaw

March 26-30

Monday: Review Tuesday: State Testing Wednesday: State Testing Thursday: Half day/Dodgeball tournament Friday: No School

March 19-23

Monday: Text Structure Tuesday: Context Clues Wednesday:Conflict types Thursday: Plot Diagram/Flashback/Foreshadowing/Genre Friday: Part of Speech Quiz/Genre web/Bluff

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