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Decorate The Box

Final Project GIFT BOX  Now that your group has completed all of the WebQuest requirements, it’s time to get to work on submitting your final project!  Please gather all of the answer sheets from the Scavenger Hunt and staple them… Continue Reading →

December 11-15

Monday: Christmas Carol Tuesday: Christmas Carol Wednesday: Carol Webquest Thursday: Carol Webquest Friday: Carol Web quest/Part of Speech quiz

3rd Book Talk due October 6th

Just a reminder that your third book talk is due this Friday!

Second Book Talk

Your second book talk is due this upcoming Friday, September 22.  Please remember that for a book to count as a full book it needs to be at least 100 pgs, so if you only read a 50 pg book… Continue Reading →


Welcome! If you’ve just found your way here after attending open house, I hope that you find my website to be fairly user friendly.  I’m looking forward to a great school year!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Fourth Quarter Book Project

Fourth Quarter Book Project Choose one of the fiction books you have done this quarter Create a slide show with the following information Cover slide: title, author, name, class, period, date 2.  Slide 2: Setting (time + place) 3. Slide… Continue Reading →

ROTHMC: Vocab 5-8

your choice     your choice     envisioned 104 Strawberry was nothing like the tough, sprawling bigness I had envisioned. promenading 107 After several minutes of watching farmers in faded overalls and their women in flour-sack-cut dresses promenading under… Continue Reading →

Active Reading Questions

In case you haven’t turned them in yet, and can’t find them, I’ve written them below. If you like, there’s an online version of the book available for purchase here: Online Book Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2… Continue Reading →

Test Monday!

Just a reminder that you will have a test on Monday, May 08, over chapters 5-8, and the vocabulary from 5-8!  Any unfinished book talks will also start counting against you on Monday.  Please get them in!

May 1st-5th

Monday: Snowday Tuesday: SRI/Chapter 6 Wednesday: Chapter 6/7 Thursday: Chapter 7/ vocabulary Friday: Chapter 8/ Part of speech quiz

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