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Comic Book Project

  Comic Strip Book Report   For this project, you’ll create a comic strip based on a fiction book you have done a book talk on. Your comic strip should include illustrations as well as text. Look at comic strips… Continue Reading →

Book Talk/I.R. Goal due dates

January 19, February 02, February 15, March 02, March 19th

Questions from Girl, Stolen. Updated as we do them.

Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences, restating the sentence in your answer! Remember, each question is worth two points, one for restating and one for the correct answer Chapter 1 Read the first four paragraphs and stop. Make… Continue Reading →

Scholastic Book Orders

The October Book orders are do October 16th, and the class code is P9MML.  If you don’t want to pay online, you may also give me the filled out order form with the following payments : Cash or Check made… Continue Reading →

I.R. Goal

Just a reminder that tomorrow your first book talk should be in, and will start counting against you if it’s not in yet.

Track and Soccer-keeping up with the novel

Hello all,  I know that during track and soccer season, you are often gone during class time.  It is important that you keep up with the reading, so that you don’t fall behind,  These are the dates that we will… Continue Reading →

Vocabulary chapters 4-6

Find the word in the book. Record the chapter and page number. Use the sentence and your context clues to define each word. Chapters 4-6—Vocabulary Words demise sullen redolent blathering cadence newel mayhem dynasty

Questions in your booklet answered so far.

Chapter1  How did that letter get to Sunny? Why doesn’t Sunny miss Jazz? Chapter 2 What will Sunny’s parents say and do? How will the school/town react? Chapter 3 What will the reunion be like? Will Jazz treat Sunny better… Continue Reading →

Reading every day

Students will be required to do 20 minutes of Independent Reading each day in their ELA class.  This will be part of their grade for the year. It is very important for students to get time each day to read,… Continue Reading →

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