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Book Talk/I.R. Goal due dates

January 19, February 02, February 15, March 02, March 19th

Figurative Language Project

This is a large project that we will be working on for several weeks in class.  I will have cardboard and construction paper available for the 3D part of their projects, but if students would like to use other materials… Continue Reading →

Zebra Character-on-a-plate assignment

Character-on-a-Plate Activity for Chaim Potok’s “Zebra”: A Character Analysis Activity   Directions: Read “Zebra” by Chaim Potok in McDougal Littell’s The Language of Literature.  Choose one of the main characters from the selection.  Write about that character using a paper… Continue Reading →

Christmas Carol Web quest

In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol, which depicts the life of Scrooge, a miserly old man who is selfish and greedy with his money. In the beginning of the play, Scrooge is visited by his old business partner,… Continue Reading →

Monster Essay

Evaluating Monster Descriptive Writing The explanation and evaluating process for the Monster Descriptive Essay.

Descriptive Writing

Intro Describing worksheets  Monster Packet. We will be working on this to prepare us for our Narrative Descriptive Writing piece that we will be working on this week.

The Titanic Project

Students will be working on a project of their choice dealing with The Titanic.  On Monday we will be reading a narrative non-fiction story about the famous disaster.  Then they will make their choices.  They have five projects to choose… Continue Reading →

ROTHMC: Vocab 9-12

Word Page Sentence as used in book your choice     your choice     your choice     persnickety 197 “She ain’t so persnickety since Cassie stopped bein’ her friend.” mussed 199 … stubby particles of straw still stuck… Continue Reading →

Vocabulary words For Roll of Thunder 1-4

Write your best guess as to what the word means first, and then the dictionary definition Word Page Sentence as used in book your choice     your choice     Raucous 5 Christopher-John’s whistling increased to a raucous, nervous… Continue Reading →

Argumentative Essay

Students will be working on a five paragraph essay defending their side of the argument:  Are sharks terrible, dangerous creatures, or are they just misunderstood? Students will be working together in class to create an appropriate introduction, as well as… Continue Reading →

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