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Final Book Project

Choose one of the 14 book projects to present to class. You will have three class days to work on it, then a week at home. We will be presenting May 15-18. Book Project options   Create a sculpture of… Continue Reading →

Roll of Thunder Vocab 9-12

Vocab 9-12  due May 01

RoTHMC Vocabulary Ch 5-9

Vocab 5-8 Due April 24th,

Active Reading Ch. 6

Name: _________________________________________________                     Class: ____________ Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each). Chapter 6 Why is Cassie angry at Big Ma? Why does Stacey tell Cassie she shouldn’t be?   How does Uncle Hammer react to Cassie’s experiences… Continue Reading →

Activity Question ch 2-3

Name: _________________________________________________                     Class: ____________ Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each). Chapter 2 Who is Mr. Morrison and why did Papa bring him?   How did John Henry Berry die?   What did Papa demand the children… Continue Reading →

Venn Diagram

Compare and Contrast the black schools to the white schools in the story Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, from what we read in chapter 1. You need at least three things in each section.

Vocabulary 1-4

Vocab 1-4 Due April 16th

Genre Web

Directions: Create a spider web with eight sections.  In each section write the notes for one of the genres and draw a small picture to help you remember what that genre contains.     Mystery/Suspense: A puzzle that does not… Continue Reading →

Comic Book Project

  Comic Strip Book Report   For this project, you’ll create a comic strip based on a fiction book you have done a book talk on. Your comic strip should include illustrations as well as text. Look at comic strips… Continue Reading →

Argumentative Essay Outline

Choose one of the topics on the list to write an argumentative essay.  This essay must have four paragraphs. Introduction: 4-5 sentences Starts with one of the golden bricks (hook) Filler if necessary and appropriate transitions Thesis statement Body paragraph… Continue Reading →

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