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Answer the following questions in 1-2 sentences (2 pts. each).

Chapter 6

  1. Why is Cassie angry at Big Ma? Why does Stacey tell Cassie she shouldn’t be?


  1. How does Uncle Hammer react to Cassie’s experiences in Strawberry – both what happened in the mercantile and what happened with Lillian Jean and her father?


  1. How does Mama explain to Cassie about “the way of things”?


  1. What is the lesson that Mama teaches Cassie about the difference between respect and fear?


  1. During a Sunday drive near the Wallace’s Store, what does Uncle Hammer say that shocked Big Ma?


  1. On the bridge, the Wallaces are tricked by Uncle Hammer, because they are shocked to see it wasn’t Mr. Granger in the silver car. What did Mama mean when she said, “But one day we’ll have to pay for it. Believe me…one day we’ll pay”? Why would a simple misunderstanding where the Wallaces tipped their hats to Uncle Hammer make the Wallaces mad?